While historic uses for the Common have waned over the centuries, it has nonetheless continued to provide a source of income, employment, education, refreshment and recreation for both local communities and visitors - and we are working to see that it does into the future.

Over the years the common has been used for quarrying, tile and brick making, as a drovers' stopping point, a golf course, a Mercian Maquis resistance organisation operational bunker, a school and the site of many pubs and cider houses. Perhaps its best known role was as the host of annual race meetings in the Victorian era. It is it believed that the racecourse was built by soldiers returning from the Napoleonic Wars in 1815-16 and saw nearly a century of action.

While there are only 88 registered Commoners who hold specific historic rights to the land, Bromyard Downs Common is open access land - free for all to roam where they will. Popular with Bromyard's dog walking community, the Common is perfect for nature walks, strolls in the sunshine, photography and picnics.

Not only is community the key to the success of the HLF Project – Putting the Sparkle Back, but is also vital to its legacy.

We need local volunteers to carry out practical habitat management and surveying and welcome all newcomers to our practical work parties and surveying events (GET INVOLVED) The love and support of local people is just as important – look out for events and activities for all the family going on throughout the year and come and support the jewel in the Downs (EVENTS).

Common People Project

Telling the story of Bromyard Downs Common - from past to present - with young and old. 

We worked with children from the Conquest Theatre Youth Group and the Rural Media Company to turn oral histories collected from local residents in to short dramas. These were filmed on the Downs by our common people ipad film crew - young people trained in filming skills as part of the project.

Follow the links below to watch the films 

In 2016 Herefordshire Archaeological Team investigated the Rifle Range and the mysterious WW2 bunkers as part of the Bromyard Downs Project. Click on the links below to view the full reports.