Get Involved

Volunteering days, Surveys and Monitoring

Our work parties & survey teams welcome new volunteers all year round. Brush up on your habitat management, ID skills and learn professional species surveying techniques. 

Join our volunteer work parties to get involved in practical conservation tasks ranging from  scrub clearance to pond and heathland management. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills gain experience, and enjoy a day on the Downs.



Work Party Dates 2022

January      -  Tuesday 4th January       -  Wednesday 12th January        -  Thursday 20th January

February     -  Tuesday 1st February     -  Wednesday 9th February        -   Thursday 17th February                                           

March          -  Tuesday 1st March         -  Wednesday 9th March.            -   Thursday 17th March.              - Tuesday 29th March

April             -  Wednesday 6th April     -  Thursday 14th April.                -   Tuesday 26th April

May              -  Wednesday 4th May       -  Thursday 12th May.                 -   Tuesday 24th May

June             -  Wednesday 1st June.     -  Thursday 9th June                  -   Tuesday 21st June.                 - Wednesday 29th June

July              -  Thursday 7th July          -  Tuesday 19th July.                  -   Wednesday 27th July

August         -  Thursday 4th August.     -  Tuesday 16th August.            -   Wednesday 24th August

September  -  Thursday 1st September -  Tuesday 13th September      -   Wednesday 21st September    - Thursday 29th September

October        -  Tuesday 11th October     -  Wednesday 19th October      -   Thursday 27th October

November    -  Tuesday 8th November   -  Wednesday 16th November  -   Thursday 24th November

December     -  Tuesday 6th December   -  Wednesday 14th December


Administration and Publicity

Other more office-based volunteer roles are also available. If you have skills in administration or communications - or would like to gain more experience in these areas - we'd love to hear from you.

For more information about any of the above, please contact: Lauren Smith Secretary, BDCA

T: 01885 488223 

E: [email protected]